The Esotel Card we will assign to you upon registration is a virtual rechargeable card we associate with your account, featuring your personalized 8-digit PIN [Personal Identification Number].With your funded card, you can use our reading services.

Your Esotel card is your virtual wallet onto which your purchased credit is loaded. To access our telephone reading services, you will be asked to enter your assigned PIN as found on your Esotel card.

As you register with us by entering an e-mail address and password, you can fund your new online card with a minimum of € 10 up to a maximum of € 500.

Yes. Your PIN code remains the same.

At the time of the first funding, you will be asked to enter your mobile number and type in the special one-time code you will receive from us via text. The bonus is valid only once when you fund your Esotel card for the first time.


We call it ’topping up’ - refilling your credit line with us on your card. Here’s the procedure: Log in and select your preferred top - up option, between € 10 and € 500.

Payment is made online by credit / debit card or Paypal. All transactions are made securely via the Global Payments payment gateway, which provides the Verified by Visa and Secure Code secure protocols, designed respectively by Visa and MasterCard against fraudulent use of credit cards.We accept any Visa or MasterCard branded version, such as credit, gift cards, debit and so on.

Almost immediately, once the transaction is complete and we receive the top-up message you can access our services. This happens very quickly, nearly instantaneously, after which you can use your phone to request readings by phone, chat, or email,

Simply log in. You will see your PIN code as well as your balance.

Yes, of course. What you fund is added to your existing balance. However, it is not possible to top up while using the Esotel Card during a consultation.

Yes. In our website’s overview Dashboard, you can select the summary of consultations carried out for each month. Also shown are summaries for reports by the day, including consultations performed, emails and chat sessions carried out, along with the name of the astrologer you engaged with.

For any technical problem, or to receive instructions what to do, call the number in the contact section. This assistance service is available every day from 10 am to 10 pm CET [Rome Italy Time Zone]


The consultation rate varies with each astrologer and the type of consultation. Rates are in plain view in the astrologer's profile.

Call in, reference the astrologer's profile and enter your PIN. Or call using Telegram.

Absolutely! Each astrologer has their own code. Once you have called in with your PIN, you can type the code of the astrologer you want to talk to.

Yes, the maximum duration is 60 minutes. You can still call back if you have credit available on your Esotel Card.

Credit is deducted starting from the fourth minute of conversation with the astrologer. The first three minutes of conversation on all calls are free. The waiting and transfer minutes are not counted.

Choose from the astrologers available in chat. Click on the chat icon and a window will open where you can write your question. Remember to enter your data, complete with date of birth.

The chat sessions have no time limit, but rather a limit of words typed, such as numbers and letters. Your question must be concise and exact. The astrologer closes the session when he/she believes the question has been thoroughly answered. The chat session has a fixed cost and is not based on the minutes of connection.

The answer is given in real time, as in right now. However, you must allow the astrologer time to carefully read your question and formulate an answer.

Much like with chat, you choose the astrologer available via email. Click on the email icon and a window will open where you can write your question. Remember to enter your complete birth data and that of the people for whom you requested the analysis. Give the astrologer all the information that you deem necessary and useful to assess your request.

The e-mail advice presupposes you want an in-depth analysis of a specific topic. This is not to be confused with an analysis of the birth chart or a synastry, which is the comparison of 2 horoscopes to determine compatibility. The question must be specific and focused.

The astrologer has 48 hours to forward his/her answer, but you may get it sooner. It depends on the astrologer’s work load.

Access your Dashboard by logging in and click on the consultation you want to evaluate. A window will open where you can enter your rating by assigning a score from 1 to 5.Evaluations are accepted only if the session meets the following criteria:Telephone(paying) sessions lasting 5 minutes or more. Chat or email sessions which amount is at least 10 Euros You always have the option to update the rating you entered. For example, your astrologer gives you some information you really don’t like and which makes you angry, enough to express your displeasure with a bad rating.However, after a good night’s sleep, you realize you were told the truth and have begun to come to accept it. You have an opportunity to go back to the ratings and fix your hot-blooded original judgment with a cooler - headed better review. The astrologer has the opportunity to reply to the evaluation received, if he / she deems it appropriate and useful.

Before being published, reviews must be approved by our platform supervisor. These reviews can be removed if deemed inappropriate, as in the case of false assessments or with the sole aim of harming the image and reputation of the service or astrologer.


This is much like making an appointment. You choose the astrologer with whom you want to speak, then pick a particular date and time available to the astrologer for telephone consultation. Select the desired date and time slot and confirm the booking. The minimum consultation is 45 minutes so you must have sufficient credit on your Esotel Card to cover that length of time.You’re buying someone’s time, we have to know you can pay for it. To that end, we withhold the amount that corresponds to the astrologer's rate per minute for 45 minutes. This fee will be held by your Esotel Card. Your request will be forwarded to the astrologer and once accepted you will receive the booking confirmation notification.

Yes, you can cancel the reservation within 4 hours of the confirmed time and the amount that was being held will be released. You will receive a notification of the cancellation of the reservation. In the event of a no-call, the amount will be retained and it will not be possible to request a refund. Please be responsible and kind. Someone else could have used that time you reserved but didn’t show up for. Your astrologer was there and deserves his/her fee.