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"There is no better boat than a horoscope to help a man cross over the sea of life."
Varaha Mihira

All about me

Hi, I'm Kate, an astrologer with over 35 years of experience reading charts. My approach leans towards spiritual mentoring and helping clients understand their personal situations and relationships. Call me now and I'll focus on your overall life pattern, dealing with practical solutions to navigate your journey. Any question - whether about love, finance or your spiritual development, can be answered. This is the wonderful thing about astrology!

A look at my studies

Alongside the numerous branches of Astrology, I've also studied metaphysical sciences, esoteric traditions and spiritual mysteries, including tarot, magick, herbalism, energy healing, mediumship and mythology. My teachers throughout the years have included well known astrology authors and - more recently, with Deborah Houlding - I've formally studied Horary astrology – the branch of astrology which answers a very specific question!

A few curiosities about me

I share my life with my partner and our dogs - my home being near the coast in the West of Ireland. I divide my working time between Astrology consultations, spiritual counselling and metaphysical mentoring. I'm also involved in a local community market project supporting small food and craft producers. I also renew old furniture and love walking along the local hill trails. The remainder of my time is spent in my garden: full of medicinal herbs and edible plants!

I'm the right astrologer for you if

• You have a specific question that needs an answer so you can move forward with wisdom and clarity
• You want to understand and resolve your life situations or relationship problems
• You want to make good and informed decisions that enhance your talents and abilities

My professional skills

In addition to Astrological consultations and Horary Astrology, I offer Metaphysical Mentoring and Spiritual Counselling. I'm qualified to teach adults and deliver training programs online and I've written a regular Horoscope Column and yearly forecasts for over ten years.

The features of my chart

Sun in Cancer, Moon in Gemini, Ascendant: Leo
Sun Cancerians are among the most intuitive and sensitive people on the planet, plus your reading will benefit from my Moon-Gemini communication skills! Not only is a Gemini Moon great at connecting with people, but you'll have the flair and positive support that a Leo rising brings! So call me now!

Prices & Payments | Kate

Service Price
Phone EUR 1,99 per min
Chat EUR 12,50
Mail EUR 75,00


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– 22/11/2020 - 15:56:43:
A helpful guide

Kate that was so helpful and you really focused on how to sort out my situation. I was so worried about how to move forward. I'm so much clearer now and feel like I can do something positive.

– 20/11/2020 - 12:30:22:
Feel much better now

Our consultation was so comforting because of where I am right now in life and those hopeless feelings have been replaced today by feelings of renewed hope and energy, so thank you so much Kate.

– 19/11/2020 - 17:01:05:
Gained great insight

Thank you so much for the call yesterday. I found it to be unbelievably insightful and described me and all of my interests, strengths and challenges to a tee! You were so thorough and gave such great insight into my chart so thank you.

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