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"A new born baby is marked for life by the pattern of the stars at the moment it comes into the world." Johannes Kepler

All about me

Hi, I'm Gordon and I've been providing readings for my astrological clients for well over 15 years. 27 years ago, a friend lent me Linda Goodman's Sun Signs, which nicely summed up my own and other people's Sun signs. This got me studying Astrology in more depth, knowing there was more to it than just Sun signs in a newspaper - I've been fascinated ever since! Come and talk to me now – you'll get an intuitive, in depth analysis of your character and life path. Ask away about any matter: it may be about whether your finances will improve, or even what type of career would suit you best. I can, in fact, answer any of your questions.

A look at my studies

Apart from Astrology, one of my abiding interests is Buddhism. Plus, I often have my nose stuck in a book, whether it's poetry, novels, factual science or works on history. I also love music and am quite the fanatic when it comes to football.

A few curiosities about me

I actually ran a Buddhist centre for eighteen months and have taught the discipline of meditation. I also have plenty of experience specialising in Person-Centred counselling. I can also tell you that I'm a qualified Lawyer.

I'm the right astrologer for you if

• You have specific questions about relationships or finance
• Your ultimate question is: “Am I likely to meet someone?”
• Your ultimate question is: “Will I get a job, or a better paid job?”

My professional skills

I completed the certificate courses for both the Faculty of Astrological Studies and Astrological Psychology Association. This latter teaches the Huber system, dedicated to presenting a holistic view of the chart. I studied counselling with Chester College for 3 years and obtained a certificate for person-centred counselling. This strengthened my listening skills and my ability to empathise and help people.

The features of my chart

Sun in Aries, Moon in Aquarius, Ascendant: Scorpio
Searing honesty is what links Aries, Aquarius and Scorpio! This means you'll get a powerfully direct and soul-exposing analysis – a reading that goes right to the heart of your life, your present and your future! But you would want me to tell the truth about you – right?

Prices & Payments | Gordon

Service Price
Phone EUR 2,00 per min
Chat -
Mail EUR 40,00


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