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“To shine your brightest light is to be who you truly are” – Roy T. Bennet

All about me

Hi, I'm Miru, and I was introduced to Astrology more than twenty years ago. Although I was quite sceptical to begin with, the accuracy of my first major reading simply blew me away! It's this kind of accuracy and wisdom that I bring to your reading, so come and talk to me! Since that first consultation, I’ve had many others with a brilliant Glasgow Astrologer, Anne Whitaker. She showed me just how valuable Astrology can be in coming to terms with one's life.

A look at my studies

For many years I enjoyed self-study, especially reading the work of brilliant astrologers like Melanie Reinhart, Liz Greene, Dane Rudhyar, Steven Forrest and Robert Hand, before finally taking the plunge to formalise my knowledge. I spent one year at Liz Greene’s School, the Centre for Psychological Astrology, followed by two years at John Green’s school, the Mercury Internet School of Psychological Astrology.

A few curiosities about me

Well, I love to dance, and I try to honour the more creative aspects of my chart by learning music and art. I also have one beautiful daughter and when I’m not spending time with her I'm practicing Astrology!

I'm the right astrologer for you if

• You are looking for someone to answer your questions in a thoughtful manner while being very positive and encouraging
• You are looking for sensitive guidance over an ongoing personal matter
• You are looking to bring out the best in yourself and make a success of your life

My professional skills

I have an astrological practice based in Scotland, where I provide consultations from the perspective of Psychological Astrology – which reveals the workings of the human mind. I also give regular talks on Astrology and I am the current Chair of Aquarius Rising: the West of Scotland Astrological Association.

The features of my chart

Sun in Leo, Moon in Libra, Ascendant: Sagittarius
With my Leo Sun and Sagittarius Rising, I bring a positive outlook and optimism into your reading and my Libra Moon provides the balance and harmony needed to help you overcome any issues you may be having. In short, to make the best of yourself, the best of your life, and the best of your relationships with others. My readings will enhance any area of your life. Call me today!

Prices & Payments | Miru

Service Price
Phone EUR 2,00 per min
Chat EUR 12,00
Mail EUR 75,00


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