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Set aside time to reflect on your chart; with heart, without judgement, and go forth in wisdom and enlightenment.

All about me

I have a real zest for life and a positive outlook; I take to most of life’s situations from a place of understanding, where I can see into the light of it and move forward in a balanced way. I’m sensitive by nature and this makes me a great listener, though I do have an objective, humanitarian side to me too that likes to envision a common goal of world peace. I love to help other people reach their goals and ambitions, work through life’s challenges and seek a sense of happiness and belonging along the way.

A look at my studies

I became interested in Astrology back in 1995 when I immediately started performing my energy readings with the zodiac signs. I began studying natal charts, relationship Astrology and synastry overlays in 2008 and, after focussing on relationships and psychological Astrology for 8 years, I enrolled and graduated from the Mayo School of Astrology in London with a distinction in both natal and mundane Astrology in 2017. I have attended some conferences, read many articles and books on Astrology and I have watched many online webinars; my appetite for new information on Astrology is always insatiable.

A few curiosities about me

I also work as a psychic and I read Tarot. I am all about creating balance and finding peace within my life and will often be found meditating, using crystals for healing or spending time out in nature. My spiritual life is rich; I frequently communicate with spirit, I interpret my visions and dreams and I am currently studying the akashic records because I feel a strong pull to connect with myself and others at a soul level while seeking to further understand my soul’s journey. For this reason, I am also fascinated with past lives and past-life regression.

I'm the right astrologer for you if

• You love to grow and learn or would like to enhance your understanding of a situation through Astrology from a practical, emotional or spiritual perspective.
• You would like to know about the types of opportunities that may become open for you in the near future and you would like foresight of any difficulties that may arise, including how best to prepare for these.
• You need an Astrologer who is empathic, compassionate and a good listener.

My professional skills

I have a lot of experience looking at relationship charts including overlays, patterns and composite midpoint charts. My main focus is on psychological and predictive Astrology, which I can also bring into electional Astrology (timing events), transit overlays, progressed moon cycles, solar returns, eclipses and solar arcs.

The features of my chart

I am a 12th house Sun in Cancer
My Midheaven is in Taurus
My Moon is placed in Aquarius

Prices & Payments | Gemma

Service Price
Phone EUR 1,80 per min
Chat EUR 5,00
Mail EUR 30,00


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lucycates – 14/06/2021 - 04:30:26:
Great reading

Thank you Gemma, for your intuitive reading. I wasn't expecting such precise details and understanding of where I am in my life right now. It helped me to understand the big picture, and how regardless of how uncomfortable things can be that where I am now is where I am meant to be. Phew... reassuring !

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