About us

Esotel is your travel companion, guiding you on your journey and gives genuine help so you can get where you want to go with determination and action.

Through astrology, we help people express their full potential and see difficulties as a chance to tackle them with positive energy. We are a team of expert astrologers, guides who help you take on a problem as a challenge, a hill to climb to reach your destination.

A brief overview of our history

We started in 1996 with the name Carta Esotel

Over the years, our journey has become increasingly fascinating. In 2002, Astrologiainlinea was founded as a place for professional astrologers, dedicated to astrology, to connect with people seeking consultants specialized in astrology. Our family has expanded worldwide fueled by our experience and sense of community. Astrologyonline.eu was started in 2012 in English with the goal of promoting our values abroad as well, and, in 2019, Astrologyonline came to Spain and Portugal too. Esotel was created to make this process even more based on personal relationships, giving each person psychological support through the right coach to help meet their growth goals. Our many years of study have brought us to a level of experience, which the trust of people has made into repertoire we draw on to give attention to worries, anxieties, and problems to be overcome. We are specialized astrologers, travel companions to guide you to reach your goals, overcome your fears, or resist the urge to give up halfway there for fear of not making it to the end. We will guide you on your journey with specific expectations that you can achieve through the power you will discover in yourself.

What we believe in

We believe in expertise as the only way to guide your self-knowledge. We believe in the value of time if it is invested to take a journey of inner discovery that helps make room for positive energy and prepare you to better handle a situation that is worrying you. We believe in astrology as a path to individual growth to help to know yourself better. We believe in authentic human relationships. We listen to your concerns and help you bring your goals more clearly into focus, make them more concrete, and guide you towards a choice that brings you satisfaction and improves your quality of life.

What we are NOT

We are not consultants willing to make vague predictions. Astrology requires a basis in technical study and human-centered knowledge to read a birth chart, i.e. the picture of the position of the planets and stars when a person was born. Every suggestion has behind it an in-depth study of the individual so we can help you best discover your identity, appreciate it, and give you support to allow you to let go of conflict and find your inner balance. We don't make our interpretations at random, but by studying the observation of celestial bodies in relation to earthly events and your life.

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